Quarterly Newsletter: End of Year 2017

As our year comes to an end, I reflect on all the changes that have happened since I became Director in March 2017.   I appreciate all the guidance and support I have received from so many.  Thank you.

– Nan

Accomplishments for 2017

New Energy Saving LED light installation

In April we started a fundraiser/matching funds to secure a grant from Black Hills Energy to upgrade all our gallery lights to energy efficient LED lights.  Because of our generous donors we were able to raise $6845!  The new lighting is spectacular and transformed the main gallery into a first class art gallery.  We were also able to update all the fluorescent lights in the basement level, kitchen, & Permanent Collection Room. 

Classes & TEACHERS

When the year began, we had two classes - PeeWee & Kids Art.  That was it.  We now have a solid group of core classes and rotating workshops.  Here’s a look at our core classes:

PeeWee Art (3-6)                         Saturday 10:30 – 11:30                     Drop in           $2

Kids Art (7-12)                               Saturday 12:30 – 1:30                       Drop in           $2

Brown Bag Lunch                                    2nd & 4th Friday 12:00 -1:30               Drop in           FREE

Matting Matters                           Wednesday 11;00 – 2:00                 Ongoing       

Pottery                                           Mon/Wed evenings 5:15 – 7:15 starting January 9 (6 week course)

Creative Writing                          Tues evenings 5:30 – 7:30 starting January 23 (8 week course)

You Rock!                                     Monday evenings 6:00 – 7:30        ongoing         $5 members

Art w/2Es Homeschool Art        Thursday 12:30-2:30 (4 week sessions, 3 age categories)

Pinterest Project                         Third Friday evening 6:00-8:00        ongoing         varies

Practical Sewing                         STARTING SOON

Wendell H. Black Memorial Library

The conversion from the “Permanent Collection Room” to the Wendell H. Black Memorial Library is in process.  The 18 pieces of WHB work have been hung, and painting of the trim and bookcases will commence in January.  Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding this transformation.   FCA has one of, if not, the largest collection of WHB work in the world.  To learn more about his work, go to this website. We are certain having his work permanently displayed will enhance FCA. His family has been fabulous to work with and we look forward to the grand opening of the Wendell H. Black Memorial Library in 2018.

Shakespeare in the Park

Thanks to our board president, Tony Greer, live outdoor theater came to FCA in June & July!  What a great troop Drew Frady brought together for Shakespeare in the Park!  A Midsummer Night’s Dream was not only entertaining, it was a great way to introduce the classics to a live audience.  Over $1600 was raised during the performances.  Well done! It was such a hit we have decided to make July and August all about performing arts!  

Contract with Pueblo Community College (PCC)

Perfect Timing: As an Art Major, I just happened to overhear that PCC was looking to expand their art offerings to include ceramics, but they did not have the space.  FCA had the space but no kiln, PCC had the kiln but no space.  It is a perfect fit.  With one semester under our belt (15 students) we are preparing for the second semester and growing from Ceramics I to Ceramics I & II.

Having the kiln and kick wheels from PCC, we added our electric wheels and we are now offering FCA ceramics classes with Skeleton Key Pottery, Beki Guion instructing.  A win-win to be sure.

New board members

The year started with seven board members and grew to nine board members with the addition of Britt Colon and Hugh Keating. 
AND we are looking to add two or three additional board members in 2018.  Our board is at capacity with ten.  My goal is bring in diversity from the community.  If you’ve ever thought about what you could do to bring art to Canon City, submit your letter of interest with a resume. (Two members have terms expiring… step up and do it!)

Most Successful New Exhibit Spoke Art & Vintage Bikes

New this year FCA partnered with Fremont Adventure Recreation (FAR) for their Bikes & Brews event in September.  This partnership brought people in from all over Colorado.  Vintage bikes were a huge draw along with the “spoke” art.  Over 25 artists participated with 229 visitors. 

Venue Space Launched

Making magic happen for your special event, FCA opened the doors to the public as a venue location.  We held the following in 2017:

  • Wedding Reception
  • 100th Birthday Celebration
  • Mountain View Core Knowledge Teachers Kick Off Breakfast
  • PEO Holiday Celebration
  • Fremont Investment Group Holiday Scavenger Hunt

My personal goal is to hold one venue a month at FCA for 2018.  Check our webpage for pictures and details.

Graphic Design

Many of you have noticed our fabulous posters and fliers, not to mention our user-friendly interactive website.  All of this is due to Ray Hudson.  Ray is majoring in Studio Art at PCC and brings her talents to FCA.  To say she is my right hand would be an understatement.  She is not only an amazing artist, she is an invaluable part of the team that is bringing FCA into the future.  Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you, she is a ROCK STAR and I am thrilled to have her on my team.

Assistant Director

To say this has been a challenging position to fill would be a huge understatement.  Bee Ulrich started with me and played a vital and key role getting structure in place and getting this giant ship moving in the right direction.  Lucky for her the real estate market took off and she had to jump ship and manage her real estate career.  She still comes in twice a week as a PCC art student, and we love her smile and energy. 

Next, Beki Guion stepped into this challenging role and lucky for us she determined her passion was teaching and not administration!  Beki is our Ceramics Instructor and she is here TONS!  Her guidance and knowledge about pottery has helped form one of our most successful classes.  She is an invaluable resource and I find that I seek her guidance on many things. 

Third in line was Marcao.  He stepped in and with his artistic talent brought several classes to the table.  He organized and got the Matting & Framing room set up before he departed to greener pastures.

And finally that brings us to my current Assistant Director, Buddy Dexter.  Buddy literally came in and took the reins, allowing me time to focus on classes, grants and growth. Buddy’s background in design and management make him the perfect fit for this ever changing dynamic position. 



Each time I feel somewhat disheartened, I have the absolute pleasure of speaking to one of our volunteers.  The mere fact that they have stood by all the challenges and changes at FCA is a testament to their heart for ART.  I make the time to sit and chat with them to understand what it’s like from their side, what they have seen and listen to what they have to say.  Lois, Terri, Cheryl, Linda, Jean B., Sharon, Jean S., Wendy, Judy, Lori, Jeanie U, Jeanie T, Merri, Hugh, Shirley, Donna, Holli and so many others thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a vital part of the team.  It’s always a pleasure seeing you; know you are deeply appreciated.


Grants Received 2017

  • Southern Colorado Community Foundation                     $1000
    • Youth Initiatives Program
  • Colorado Creative Industries (2 years)                                 $4000
    • General Operating Funds
  • Rotary Club (Canon City) & District                                       $1500
    • Practical Sewing Seed Money
  • Pikes Peak Community Foundation  (Claar Fund)            $500


Corporate /Business Sponsors

  • Austin Automotive     $600
  • Tezak Heavy Equipment    $1450
  • Echo Canyon    (in kind)                    
  • Claflin Eye Center   $100
  • Tony Greer /Keller Williams   $1750
  • Chris Montoya/Keller Williams    $200
  • Jennifer Gatzke/HomeSmart Realty Group                   $200
  • Mathews Brothers Electric (in kind)
  • Johnny’s Plumbing & Hydronics  (in kind)
  • Canon City Mugs $100
  • Cornella Builders    $250
  • Frontier Feeds   $250
  • Linder Chevrolet  $100
  • Leck Construction  $250
  • Mortgage Solutions (Linda Jackson)  $250
  • Nelsen’s Fine Jewelry  $250
  • Northwestern Mutual   $250
  • The Cell House (Dan Brown)   $100
  • The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey  $250
  • Touch of Love    $100
  • Valley Medical Systems $100
  • Wadell & Reed (Kirby Shineman)  $250
  • Yard Crafters $100
  • Colon Orchards  $125 (gift certificates)
  • River Lotus Yoga $150 (gift certificates)
  • Petal Pushers  $120 (gift certificate)
  • TEEK (that eatery)  $25 (gift certificate)
  • Dominos Pizza (Canon City)    6 large pizzas
  • Thompson Mud & Metal   $75
  • Tailored West   (in kind)
  • Skeleton Key Pottery  $85
  • KK’s Sweets & Treats  $25             

Patron Level Sponsors ($1200 or more)

  • Charlie Wolfers
  • Drs. Linda & Eric Carlson
  • Ray Kinter
  • Art Welch
  • Jean & Keith Hovland
  • Walter Schepp

And a huge thank you to all our members for continuing to renew your memberships, sending in donations, following us on facebook and participating in our events. 


  • Nan Sullivan                        Director                                
  • Buddy Dexter         Assistant Director    
  • Ray Hudson            Graphic Designer   
  • Bill Moffatt               Staff Support


  • Tony Greer                          President / Shakespeare in the Park
  • Dick Ploeger                      Vice-President / Greeter
  • Jon Stone                            Secretary/Treasurer
  • Art Welch                            Board Member / Jazz Downtown
  • Suzanne Cooper               Board Member
  • Bryan Cooper                    Board Member
  • Jean Blanchette                Recording Secretary / Greeter
  • Britt Colon                           Board Member
  • Hugh Keating                     Board Member / Vision Committee

How to keep up with all the happenings!

If you are online, FaceBook is the absolute best way to keep up with all the happenings.  Our website would be next best and of course, we LOVE to have you pop in and just ask us what’s happening.  Don’t be a stranger, I personally LOVE showing off the changes and talking about FCA.  Thanks for your support.  And see you soon!

Shows for 2018

January       Made from Clay                  Soup-r-bowl (January 27)

February     The Blue Show                      Your concept of “blue” all mediums

March          Mixed Media                        Must have 3+ mediums to qualify as mixed media

April             Fremont Schools Show       All ARTs (performing, music, culinary, band, dance)

May             72nd Blossom Festival                       Juried Show

June             Sculpture                               All mediums

July              Performing Arts

August         Performing Arts                   

September Spoke Art & Vintage Bikes Studio Gallery – Starpoint Starstruck

October      Black & White                       Your concept of B&W Studio Gallery – Photography

November  Fiber Art         (Even years Royal Gorge Quilt Council, odd years open fiber art)

December  Permanent Collection        Studio Gallery – Daily Record Kids Art

The East Gallery & Studio Gallery are available for booking if you’d like to do an individual show.