JANUARY Spotlight


Beki Javernick-Guion is many things... Mom, farmer, artist, educator and a very important member of the Fremont Center for the Arts family. That is why we have focused this month's spotlight on her. 

The Javernick family homesteaded in Canon City four generations ago as farmers and Beki continued that tradition through 2014. Family Roots farm still produces beef today. Beki believes that her family are stewards to the land "dividing our spoils through sustainable practices and improving the ecosystems at our farm". 

Through Skeleton Key Pottery, Beki has been making functional pottery out of her generational family home, of which the back door has a special significance to her. To quote Beki, "I look back at the generations before me and I imagine what creativity has been unlocked through that keyhole over time. Skeleton Key Pottery was born through the same keyhole to unlock my creative potential, one ball of clay at a time." 

As an educator, Beki has been an incredible asset to FCA. For six months, she has been teaching ceramics classes here at the Art Center. Her approach is hands-on and directed at all skill levels. Each class is a fun, different, and exciting environment where students learn a variety of techniques to assemble their own unique works of art. 

Please explore our website or call to learn more details for upcoming sessions. You'll also be able to see Beki's work and that of many other regional ceramics artists in Fremont Center for the Arts' Made From Clay exhibit this January.