MARCH Spotlight


This month’s spotlight shines on our current Mixed Media show. For the month of March, we are exhibiting local and regional talents using Mixed Media.  Mixed Media is an art-making method that applies more than one medium - for example, acrylic and pastels - in one piece of art. We stepped it up a bit by asking our participating artists to use at least three and we could not have been happier with the results. With nearly 20 artists exhibiting over 40 pieces, FCA is overflowing with a unique, colorful and diverse collection of work. Included in this exhibit are incredible examples of Sculpture, Assemblage, Collage, 2D and 3D paintings; and not to mention very impressive usage of Found Items. 


The works of our very own Board and Staff members are on display this month. Board member Barry Dolan is showing a piece of his stained glass work. Nan Sullivan, Ray Hudson, Svetlana Piltingsrud and the incomparable Bill Moffatt have pieces in the show as well. Congratulations to Nan and Ray for each selling artwork during or First Friday reception.  


Please come by Fremont Center of the Arts to check out this incredible collection and show your support for our local and regional artists.